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Artist Profile | VERY TRULY YOURS

April 20, 2010

location: chicago, illinois
label: skywriting records

Indie pop darlings, Very Truly Yours, have finally released their debut album, Things You Used To Say. The album is available through Skywriting Records Shop, and filled with sweet and sticky pop. The albums title track begins with a gentle and playful piano before the fragile vocals of Kristine, who also appears as Tiny Microphone, come in. Both the track and the album are light and fun and perfect springtime listens. – The Deli Mag

mp3: Things You Used To Say

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Artist Profile | APPLE ORCHARD

April 20, 2010

location: richmond, california
label: haymarket recordings

“Wide Awake” was the reason why Apple Orchard came into existence. Manila’s Definition Records included the track in the now much sought-after Filipino compilation, Mutual Admiration Society back in 2000. Fulfilled and pleased with the result, brothers Ryan and Dale Marquez then constantly conspired writing the starriest of starry-eyed pop tunes. The Marquez brothers have played together in Dorian Of Juniper Bells (which incidentally, was also included in the Mutual Admiration Society comp), aside from their other bands: Ryan with Sodajerk and Carnival Park and Dale for Sonnet LVIII and also, Soft Pillow Kisses. Apple Orchard on the other hand was a project which arose without fine warning, but with silent anticipation. The band’s name was taken from a song by Nottingham outfit Bouquet and the brothers considered The Sugargliders, The Field Mice, Brighter, Sweet William and Sarah Records as primary inspirations. In the early years of the band after “Wide Awake”, plenty songs were written on a 4-track with mostly schoolboy lyrics and near-whispered melodies. Most of these tunes appeared in various compilations, such as Stamp Collecting (For Beginners) from the Secret Crush imprint and Dashboard Teddy from Dorothy Records, as well as cassette EPs like Last Wednesday from Popgun, Paris Was A Daydream and Across Haymarket And The Triangle, both issued by Best Kept Secret. Another three of these early recordings were released by Humblebee in February 2006 as a 7″ single, entitled A Hiding Smile. The following year, Cloudberry Records handed out the 3″ cd-r single That Happy Glow, the title track featured Raoul Dela Cruz on trumpet. In 2008, Apple Orchard’s debut full-length Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies was released through the band’s own label, Haymarket Recordings. With a more polished and dreamier sound, the album received quite a few good reviews. Following the full-length months later was a limited 3″ cd-r Turning Point from Germany’s Edition 59 imprint. August 2009 saw the release of another limited cd-r EP entitled Leafy Lanes, which the band issued through Haymarket. Apart from plans of releasing a brand new 7″ single later in the year, Apple Orchard also recorded covers from Prefab Sprout and The Lucksmiths as part of the online mp3 series assembled by the Filipino Indiepop Scene collective.

mp3: Half Steps Toward Bright Skies

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Artist Profile | GOLD-BEARS

April 18, 2010

Band Pic | gold-bears

location: atlanta, georgia
label: magic marker records / cloudberry records

Gold-Bears, a twee punk band from Atlanta, Georgia, make joyful noise influenced by love, jangly guitars, fuzz pedals, reverb, words, spastic drumming, and friends. Jeremy Underwood, formerly of Plastic Mastery (Magic Marker Records) and the French Horns (Clairecords), formed Gold-Bears with Erich Luedtke, Dave Fortner, and Santiago Archila in fall 2009 to record & perform the songs he’d stockpiled during a 5 year sabbatical from music. The band’s taught, blistering take on pop form has gained them comparisons to Boyracer, early My Bloody Valentine, the Mountain Goats and the Wedding Present.

Gold-Bears’ debut 7” single is set for release in early 2010 via Magic Marker Records, followed shortly thereafter by a 7” on Cloudberry Records.

mp3: Tally

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Artist Profile | SEA LIONS

April 16, 2010

location: oxnard, california
label: yay! records

The newest addition to YAY! Records hails from the label’s headquarters, Oxnard, CA. Bringing a fondness for bittersweet twee pop, Sea Lions are fronted by Adrian Pillado. Working on what would become Sea Lions, Pillado gathered a group by Spring 2007 that made their debut at Grady’s Record Refuge in Ventura. Their songs of youthful longing are now available: “Lets Groove” (YAY! 8, March 2009). A full-length is set for this year!

mp3: I wish I Was Lou Reed

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Popfest passes sold out!

April 12, 2010

Festival passes are now sold out! But don’t worry, you can still buy individual tickets to each of the NYC Popfest shows.

Just follow the links on the official page:

Popfest Mix!

April 6, 2010

With NYC Popfest now just 6 weeks away, we’re posting a mix for your enjoyment.  It features just a handful of the many bands that will be performing at the fest. We will be posting some more mp3s from many more bands soon. Enjoy!


01. The Secret History – Johnny Anorak
02. Neverever – Teardrop Tattoo
03. Tender Trap – Oh Katrina
04. Horowitz – Popkids of the World Unite
05. My Teenage Stride – Cast Your Own Shadow
06. Sea Lions – Beautiful Day
07. Veronica Falls – Starry Eyes
08. BOAT – (I’m a) Donkey For Your Love
09. The Young Friends – Make Out Point
10. Brown Recluse – Night Train
11. Dream Diary – Bird in My Garden
12. Leaving Mornington Crescent – Seventeen
13. Allo Darlin’ – Dreaming
14. The Smittens – Half My Heart Beats
15. A Smile and a Ribbon – A Little Late To Be Polite
16. The Embassy – It Pays To Belong
17. The Wake – O Pamela

Length – 49:01 | Mix by Dr Maz