Artist Profile | GOLD-BEARS

Band Pic | gold-bears

location: atlanta, georgia
label: magic marker records / cloudberry records

Gold-Bears, a twee punk band from Atlanta, Georgia, make joyful noise influenced by love, jangly guitars, fuzz pedals, reverb, words, spastic drumming, and friends. Jeremy Underwood, formerly of Plastic Mastery (Magic Marker Records) and the French Horns (Clairecords), formed Gold-Bears with Erich Luedtke, Dave Fortner, and Santiago Archila in fall 2009 to record & perform the songs he’d stockpiled during a 5 year sabbatical from music. The band’s taught, blistering take on pop form has gained them comparisons to Boyracer, early My Bloody Valentine, the Mountain Goats and the Wedding Present.

Gold-Bears’ debut 7” single is set for release in early 2010 via Magic Marker Records, followed shortly thereafter by a 7” on Cloudberry Records.

mp3: Tally

more info:



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