Artist Profile | MY TEENAGE STRIDE

And then there were two | Jedediah Smith, circa 00' | My Teenage Stride

location: brooklyn, new york
label: flea circus records

My Teenage Stride is Jedediah Smith, and a rotating cast of other musicians, such as Jenny Logan from Ribbons and Jeff Ciprioni from The Metric Mile. The group began in Brooklyn in 2004, essentially as a bedroom project for permanently wired songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Smith. As interest rose and an album was released, Smith slowly got together a proper band, though he is still the sole instrumentalist on the bulk of the band’s recordings to date, with the exception of some of Ears Like Golden Bats and most of the their digital-only EP, Lesser Demons. Musically, Smith is equally indebted to the Postcard Records/C86 sound, the early-60s Brill Building/girl group/bubblegum sound, 70s Brian Eno, 80s Flying Nun Records artists like The Clean, Tall Dwarfs, The Chills, and English post-punk such as Joy Division.

mp3: To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge

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