Artist Profile | BOAT

Real Human Photography | Bellingham (by Paul Israel) | BOAT

location: seattle, washington

record label: magic marker records

Lo-fi indie pop band Boat (vocalist/guitarist D. Crane, bassist/guitarist M. McKenzie, and drummer J. Goodman) got its start when D. Crane moved back to Seattle after teaching junior high classes for a year in Chicago. He had already been coming up with ideas, but finally decided to make an album. Eventually he finished a recording he called Comic Book Rock and sent it to a few friends thinking that would be the end of the undertaking. Instead he formed a band and played live after encouragement from friends. Soon Cranegot a better recorder, resulting in Life Is a Shipwreck. Sean Tollefsonfrom Tullycraft had seen Boat play and relayed a copy of its record to Magic Marker. After an EP titled After All, they signed on with Magic Marker and released Songs That You Might Not Like in July 2006. After a three-year layoff, the band returned with the equally entertaining Setting the Paces in October of 2009.

mp3: I’m a Donkey For Your Love

more info:



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