Artist Profile | ONE HAPPY ISLAND

one happy island | we're really good at sledding! photo: b.dizack | One Happy Island


location: boston, massachusetts

record label: weePop! Records

Formed in spring of 2007, One Happy Island is a ramshackle indie-pop mini-orchestra disciplined enough to keep it together most of the time, and honest enough to just let it all fall apart when the moment warrants. Their evolving arsenal includes bittersweet songs, awkward banter, jangley guitars, shaky trumpet, tiny percussion instruments, rough-hewed boy/girl harmonies, and a palpable sense of joy. Since first getting together in Boston, One Happy Island have released three well-received EPs, the latter two on the UK-based WeePop! Records imprint, now all gathered on the limited-edition anthology Maptacks. This very show marks the release of their self-titled debut album on London’s Oddbox Records label. The 15-track collection is an ambitious and colorful set, building on the band’s prior endeavors with everything from autumnal, orchestral ruminations to Farfisa-fired garage-pop — without ever losing the sense of wonder and fun that first inspired them to crawl out of their basement.

mp3: The Bike Song

more info:



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