Artist Profile | SWEATER GIRLS

location: los angeles, california
label: happy happy birthday to me

Smart, energetic and charming, Sweater Girls are a five-piece indiepop band from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2009, Sweater Girls are Joseph Teran (lead guitar), Jackie Hundza (drums), Allan Kingdom (formerly of the Siddeleys, bass), Diana Barraza (vocals and guitar) and Tatiana Sanchez (keyboards and glockenspiel). Touted as a “full band Softies” and a “calmer Black Tambourine” by Indie Pages, Sweater Girls aim to melt hearts with their knitted brand of sweet and tender tunes.

mp3: Pretty When You Smile

more info:



One Response to “Artist Profile | SWEATER GIRLS”

  1. michandre Says:

    I enjoyed their songs live! Great little newly issued vinyl too (single 3 songs). The vocals and everything sound great on the recording.

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