The lineup for the 2011 NYC Popfest has just been announced, and as always, we’re super excited about it! We have a diverse group of bands coming from all around the world – Japan, Australia, Sweden, and the UK.  More bands will be added later on, and DJs/ticket info will be announced soon.

Betty & The Werewolves (UK)
Caucus (Japan)
Chalk & Numbers (NYC)
Cuffs (MA)
Days (Sweden)
Dream Diary (NYC)
The Felt Tips (UK)
Geoffrey O’Connor (The Crayon Fields) (Australia)
Gold-Bears (GA)
Go Sailor (US)
The Hairs (NYC)
Kids On A Crime Spree (SF)
The Motifs (Australia)
Panda Riot (IL)
Persian Rugs (Canada)
Pet Milk (PA)
Procedure Club (CT)
Sea Lions (CA)
Shrag (UK)
Silver Swans (SF)
Smilelove (Japan)
Soda Shop (NYC)
Summer Fiction (PA)
The Sunny Street (UK)
Tiny Fireflies (IL)


We hope to see you in New York City on May 19-22!



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