Saturday Afternoon Show at Spike Hill

Here is the rundown of the bands playing the FREE Saturday Afternoon show of NYC Popfest!

Venue: Spike Hill
Age: 21+


Brought together by their love of simple melodies, 16mm films, cartoon doodles, classical and folk instruments, and experimental pop music, Balún was formed in 2002 in San Juan, Puerto Rico by José Olivares and Angélica Negrón. After 2004 Andrés Fontanez, Noraliz Ruíz and Leonardo Velázquez joined the group. The newest member is Justin Wolf who is the band’s first ever live multi-percussionist.

In 2006 the band released their first album “Something Comes Our Way” (Brilliante records) after years of self-releasing CD-Rs and MP3-EPs on various labels such as Obervatory Online and their own label Sgulp! Discos. The band’s first album received critical acclaim from various media outlets such as, Textura, The Big Take Over, The Tripwire, and Flavorpill. In 2007 their “EP Collection” was re-released worldwide under Expansion Team.

Download “El Medio Contenido” EP (RAR)


Geoffrey O’Connor is the lead singer of the Australian indie band THE CRAYON FIELDS. He is currently finishing a follow up album to his debut ‘Liquorice Night’ (released in 2007 under the moniker ‘Sly Hats’). GOC has been lucky enough to play with some favourites such as Little Wings (US), Calvin Johnson (US), Jens Lekman (Swe), Mt Eerie (US), Fleet Foxes (US), Kath Bloom (US), Camera Obscura (SCO) The Brunettes (NZ), Micah P. Hinson (US), New Buffalo and Dear Nora (US). GOC has also performed in America, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, England and Germany.

Download “Now and Then” (MP3)


Smilelove is a 5-piece band from Japan who play irresistible indiepop with a wonderful combination of roughness, cuteness and attitude. 

Stream “Njajaja” (Stream)


Tiny Fireflies are Lisle and Kristine from the Chicago-based indiepop-band Very Truly Yours, or, Lisle from Fireflies and Kristine from Tiny Microphone. Together as a duo, they are Tiny Fireflies.

Download “ePop005 Digital Single” (ZIP)


The Specific Heats began in 2004 as the solo project of Mat Patalano and was then fully actualized into a full band. Inspired by Mat’s love for 1960s surf, pop, garage & psych pop as well as 90s/2000s indie pop, their sound developed from a blend of energetic yet melancholy indie pop into the “missing link” between timid and meticulous indie pop & and wild, untamed garage rock that no one had ever asked for.

Stream “Cursed!” (Stream)


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